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Welcome to Our Ministry!

Our children's ministry is called "Adventure Kids". We have a desire to present kids with the Truth of Jesus and be by their side as they venture through their relationship with Him. 

This is also done with a knowledge of how important it is to partner up with parents and families. We'd love to meet you! Below you will find details of each area.

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Our nursery is for NB-2 year olds.

It's their first look of who God is and what He says about them.

Sunday School- 9AM

Worship Service- 10:00AM 

Wednesday Night- 6:30PM

We have partnered up with First Look from Orange Curriculum to provide interactive Bible Stories, music, and activities for these little ones.


Parent Cues

Guia Para Padres

For weekly activity ideas & devotionals you can visit ->

Para saber de varias actividades y devocionales para sus pequeños puede visitar esta pagina ->

Kingdom Cubs

Kingdom Cubs is for our toddlers, 3-5 years of age (or Preschool kids).

Sunday School- 9AM

Worship Service- 10AM

We partner up with First Look as they begin to ask the fun, silly, or serious questions about who Jesus is. They sing, have story time + snack, an activity, and some free play. 

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Weekly activities and devotionals to guide kids at every phase to trust Jesus in a way that changes how they see God, themselves, and the rest of the world.
Actividades y devocionales para cada semana ayuda a guiar niños y niñas en cada etapa de su vida para confiar en Cristo. En una manera que cambia como ven a Dios, ellos mismos, y el resto del mundo.
 Parent Cue- Guia para Padres
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Adventure Kids

Our K-5th grade ministry partners with Orange Curriculum 252 Kids to bring God's word through music, story-telling, and small groups (K-1, 2-3, 4-5). 

Sunday School (separate groups)- 9AM

Worship Service- 10AM

Wednesday Night- 6:30PM (meal provided)

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Lent is a great time to instill Biblical principals to your kids. We want to help you! Download this Lent Calendar for daily activities and conversation staters to prepare for Easter.
Check out this article for a look at Lent and parenting. Embracing What's To Come - Parent Cue (

Download the free ParentCue App for more resources and weekly Bible Story videos!

Descarga la aplicación gratis de ParentCue para más recursos y videos de las historias Bíblicas cada semana. 


Gizel Compton is our part-time Children's Director. 

She can be reached through email:

Or calling the office Tuesday-Thursday.

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