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Oakton is going to CIY

What is CIY?

**Christ In Youth**

MISSION: We call youth to Christ and into a life of Kingdom Work through His Church.

CORE: Rooted in the Gospel. Made for Kingdom Work. Connected to the Church.

APPROACH: We tell compelling stories. We create inspiring experiences. We pay attention to details. We steward what God gives. We take care of our people.

 What Superstart 2024?

SuperStart is a high-energy, intentionally crafted weekend event for preteens to hear the gospel, learn Biblical truths, and be called to a life of Kingdom Work. This event is for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders!

It will be held March 8 & 9 at Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mabee Center, Oral Roberts University.

To register your child or yourself (as an adult leader) is simple!

1. Visit the link below

2. Click "Join a Group" Oakton Church- Lamar, Missouri

3. Enter the passcode: 1849

If writing a check, make it out to: Christ in Youth.

Turn your check in to the church and they will be mailed on January 29.

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